What’s the vibe? Making the most of it!

Well, obviously, I haven’t blogged in a long time!! Last time was around mid-October, wasn’t it? Anyway, I have wanted to blog for ages but I decided to give it a few weeks and wait towards the end of the semester in order to overlook everything and reflect on all that’s happened recently, it’s been one crazy ride. So yeah, had my 21st birthday a couple of days after my last blog and my two lovely Irish friends prepared a little surprise party and it was fantastic, it was definitely the thing I needed given how much I was missing everyone back home and to have people do something awesome like that sparked all sorts of happiness and motivation (plus, Milka cakes and a trip to the local rock/metal club went down a treat too)

IMG_1458Pretty awesome, right? Big love to my friends for doing this, it definitely made my 21st birthday one to remember!! The whole thing made me realise how awesome it is to be having your birthday, especially the 21st, in a completely different country. Not many people can say that and it was awesome to be reminded of that fact!!

So, my 21st birthday was absolutely brilliant. The next thing? The trip to Córdoba and Granada with the Erasmus guys. I was really, really looking to this trip, not only was it a weekend staying in Granada (and spending Halloween there) but it was also an amazing opportunity to meet some people on the Erasmus who I’d never met before. Obviously being able to visit and walk around the Alhambra was something I never thought I would have the opportunity to do and being able to do it on my Year Abroad was an incredible experience and one that I’ll definitely remember! Also finding out that they’ve filmed some scenes for the new series of Game of Thrones in Córdoba gave an awesome sense of inspiration, especially if you know me and my love for Game of Thrones!!IMG_1529Córdoba was vibrant!! Managed to get a lot of wicked pictures also, it was great to have fantastic weather the whole time as well!!

So we only had a day in Córdoba and we stayed in Granada for a couple of nights and having my first encounter with a hostel was definitely an awesome experience. Being in Granada really showed how much of a community there is amongst the Erasmus group, everyone’s friendly and full of banter and energy, it was a great feeling to have that international vibe throughout the weekend as well. If you’ve read my last couple of blogs you’d see that I love the whole international vibe here and the weekend in Granada was further proof for that! Having a Halloween party in a club which faced the Alhambra was another surreal and incredible experience and I decided to go as a wolf last minute (but that, I mean messing and fuzzing my hair up and trying to be a little bit scary)

IMG_1561Not a great picture, granted, but it was absolutely amazing in person.


So, that was my weekend in Granada pretty much, it’s really difficult to put across how amazing the weekend and how amazing the whole experience was on here but if you ever get the chance to visit there, or any part of Southern Spain for that matter, GO!!

To wrap up then, I’m going to be back in the UK in the next couple of weeks and I am more than excited and ready to see everyone again, I am unbelievably stoked!! I’ve figured doing blogs every so often as opposed to weekly/fortnightly ones will be much better because not only will I have much more to write about but also, and more importantly, I don’t want to spend my whole time thinking about what I’m going to blog about!! The whole point of being here is to make the most of the unique opportunity and most importantly, to stay motivated!

Thanks for checking back!!



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