Hello!! This is a bit weird.. never done anything like this before.. I mean, I’ve said hello and all that but I’ve never ever written for a blog ever in my life. Anyway, if you’ve kindly clicked on my profile and checked this blog out, thank you!! I’m a Spanish and Philosophy student and primarily, this blog is going to be all about my amazing experiences from my upcoming year abroad! So you might be a languages student and want to read about my experiences as I share them with you or you might know me and just want to know how I’m getting on (hi mum!) So yeah, this blog is going to have a fair bit of Year Abroad content but also, I am going to be blogging about other things!! These will include:

MUSIC – Music is my love and passion. I love music. Particularly, live music and chatting about bands and albums that I truly love!! I’m a huge fan of rock and metal mostly so expect a lot of awesome chat (you’ll be the judge of that) about some rad bands. Above (hopefully) will be my huge, extensive review of Download Festival 2014 (saw over 40 bands, so lots and lots of great stuff and some not so great). I’m also going to write blogs about why certain bands are important and why they require public attention, so watch out for that! Got some great ideas which I’m really stoked to get working on. Watch this space!!

FOOD – Who doesn’t love food, right? Food is great and in my view, ridiculously underrated! I want to be able to try new dishes, cook as much as I can and work with different ingredients and different cuisines. I’m going to blog about different dishes, things that I’ve cooked and things that I consider to be absolutely mind-blowing. Also, something that I’m really really excited about, I’m going to put up a step-by-step guide for making a Bloomer loaf! Exciting stuff.

TRAVELLING – I want to explore the world and this, in part, is the reason why my blog is called ‘Farther Than The Sun’. Not only is that the name of an incredible Alter Bridge song but it’s something that I can strongly relate with and it’s the message behind the purpose of this blog. I want to be to able to go beyond and do things I never thought I’d be able to do!! I’m going to blog about different cities that I visit around the world and hopefully, there will be loads of that! Going to be going to Madrid very soon also!

So thank you for reading this (hopefully it doesn’t seem that rubbish) and hopefully I will be able to experience so many new things with my Year Abroad and everything else in between and beyond! THANK YOU!


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